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Over The Counter And Through The Woods

"Their powerful blend of heavy blues, subculture alternative, psychedelia and modern rock exceeds any marketing category....Ray Barnett's vocals literally are mesmerizing...Something is intriguing about listening to a band few people know about today and wondering what will become of them tomorrow. The fact that I came away...with such an energizing experience leads me to believe Rainbowtruth might be going somewhere." -Pitch Magazine

" flipping, gratuitous guitar solos, more hair flipping, and a 70s-style revolving multi-color light. Yow!" -Cville Weekly

"...Lead singer Ray Barnett has that medium deep vocal thing that seems to make it easier to get your woman into bed." -Pulp Radio

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Underdogma Records
Some seriously heavy music -- co-founded by one of Rainbowtruth's members.

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Renewing Vibrations
Ease tension and stress while listening to the soothing ambience of natural environments. Great for Relaxation, Meditation and Sleep.

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